Hey everybody, I'm here at Magic Leap Con and I cannot wait to try everything out. Excited to see what's going on. I just hope at the end of the day that there's a really nice comfortable place to sit down, you know, take a load off. You know, just a big comfortable chair. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] I went through eight different mixed reality experiences ranging from Porg from Star Wars and battling robot in the study to seeing someone motion capture an actor and turn him into Did well character. One of the biggest differences between the Magic Leap Headset and a VR headset is that I can see through the headset and see all of my surroundings. This is called spacial computing. Another thing that sets Magic Leap apart is that the processes isn't built into the headset, it's actually a separate unit that clips on to your pocket. But this is not a review about the magic leap. Instead, I just want to share some fo the experiences I had going through all the demos. Now I wasn't able to actually film video of what it was like to look through the lens of the magic leap and if you saw footage, it really wouldn't show the immediacy See that I had doing these demos. One of my favorite experiences was the porg experience by inductrial light and magic. The company has a partnership with Magic Leap to make different apps and this is pretty crazy. They have porgs running around interacting with me,but also smart devices, and in the demo I saw, they could turn on a fan, they could have a speaker play Jon Williams Star Wars theme. Wild. Okay, some other thoughts here. It's way different than a VR headset. Way more comfortable. Because it's in your environment, it makes it so much more personal and intimate and compelling is the big word. And there's a lot of emotion that came with that. One of the most simplest ones I saw that I was seated at a table and across from the table was Basically an augmented reality woman, and she was non-verbal. She didn't say a single word. She just kinda looked at me and she was kinda mimicked or moved. So if I leaned forward, she would lean forward. Or if she closed her eyes if I closed my eyes. Something I didn't know about Mika when going through the demo and she's designed for much bigger things. For example, she could be a teacher, a social worker, a confidant, and you can even tell her your problems and He can come up with different answers. It's a lot like the character Joi from the movie Blade Runner 2049. This is far more dense than [UNKNOWN] Alex or [UNKNOWN] Siri. And I was also shocked by how well the audio worked because the audio made it feel so much more intimate. Like I was playing this game called Dr. G, all of a sudden I'm in this like old viewers study, and the wall opens up and. But then having to like shoot these. Robots are attacking me and it was so visceral and there was no time for instructions, because you just jump right in and you figure it out. It's a very simple interface. Sometimes with an interface you had a controller, sometimes you didn't. And sometimes a controller can become like a pair of tweezers to take out like parts of this horrible like rotting part of a plant. Doesn't sound very fun, but was so compelling and so intimate. Other times that controller became a radar from out of like Buck Rogers or commander Cody and blasting these robots and integrating my world. And another time it becomes kind of a laser pointer for Looking at these drawings of buildings that you might do for an architect or set designs, and that was pretty cool. So here's one of the weird part. So after I'd gone through some of this stuff, I was talking to this guy, Greg from Weta, he was in reality, but it just had this like uncanny moments, like, is he real? Is this mixed reality still because I was in the headset so long .The reality is I had been in And then we're so intimate and so personal and so fun, that it made coming back to the real world kind of hard. [LAUGH] I feel kind of drunk. Drunk off of mixed reality. I went to never having [UNKNOWN] headset on my head, or playing any game, or having experience to going through half a dozen different experiences [MUSIC] I'm back from mixed reality and in the server confines of CNet's office. Magic Leap's success is gonna be much about the hardware as it's gonna be about those experiences. And like a hit video game on a video console, those experiences are gonna be what drives people to buy Also magically just fill the dreamers and creators and I cannot wait to see what they have next. Hopefully, it's more Dr. [UNKNOWN]. [INAUDIBLE] You're gonna put graphics over this right, so it don't look weird. [INAUDIBLE]