We didn't set out to reinvent the original razor, we set out to do the best implementation of foldable display technology. And once we figured out how to fold the display, a lot of elements from the original razor started to make more and more sense. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] My name is Ruben Castano. I head up the consumer experience design team. So we took on the challenge of taking a flexible display and just folding in half like that to make it extremely portable and pocketable device. What makes this special is that we had to develop a folding mechanism for this device that actually allowed it To have a zero gap design. So in order to do that, there is a water drop shape that's happening right inside the hinge area. [MUSIC] So the use of the chin completely allowed us to have a compact device and also house a lot of tall components that otherwise would have made the device. Bulkier and thicker. Consumers constantly told us a paying point they wanted to solve was pocketability and portability. So, we knew we had something very compelling once we figured out how to close it in this way. All the components of the hinge had to live on the sides of the display, because this central area is actually used to fold the display. And It's also used to support the display. [MUSIC] We've included what we call a quick view display on the outside, so you have quick access to notifications, you can interact with them, you can use voice commands to interact with your assistant. The main camera also functions as your selfie camera, but because we have an external display, we've added this emoji Which allows the subject of the picture to just, you know, focus on it. Especially if it's younger kids or something like that while you're taking the picture. So I really like this feature, this is one of those things that will surprise consumers, and I think make them fall in love with the device. One of our design principles that we have in our team is surprise. And what I mean by surprise is just bringing a smile to the face of a consumer right something that they didn't expect. But once they know what's there, it becomes a feature that gives them a reason to love the brand. [SOUND] Part of our consumer base will have that emotional connection with the original razor. But I think even if they don't have the history with the original razor, they will definitely see the benefits and the value of having a very profitable, foldable device like this one. I think we're just starting to understand the possibilities of folding screen technology. There's other technologies that will also evolve together with this. So it's just that its infancy.