[BLANK_AUDIO] One of the most unusual laptops in the past couple of years has been Apple's 12 inch MacBook. Not a pro, not an air but a just plain MacBook. It was smaller and lighter than any other MacBook but also less powerful with a battery that didn't last quite as long. Now despite that, it became a favorite of mine. That's because it was so amazingly portable and it had all the other features I loved about Macbooks like that instant sleep, wake and all those multi fingered touchpad gestures. So the one year later version of the 12 inch Macbook, it's a little bit different under the hood. It adds updated CORAM processors which in our tests of other systems so far, are much better than the original CORAM And it also comes in a new color. Rose gold. Now, the keyboard's still kinda shallow. Takes some getting used to. And that single USB port means you're gonna need a pocket full of dongles to connect video outputs. Old style USB keys. And all kinds of other accessories. Because it's USB types C which is that small reversible port but obviously doesn't fit any of your existing stuff. And it's 12.99 with an Intel Core M3 or 15.99 with an Intel Core M5 so you're paying a premium for all that [UNKNOWN] portability. But despite all that getting a decent boost to the performance and the battery life, enters two of the biggest issues I had with the original version. And I can see this being my go to laptop for coffee shop computing. My only regret, I've got the straight laced grey version, instead of that festive rose gold.