Microsoft has a new Surface. And rather than a tablet with a clip-on cover, or a screen that plugs into a keyboard dock, it's something completely unexpected. A good old fashioned clamshell laptop. It's also the flagship for new version of Microsoft Of operating system called Windows 10S. For students or anyone who wants something a bit simpler or more secure, this is basically Windows 10, but can only install pre-checked software from the Microsoft app store, so it's harder to break your system. Want something more open? With a few button clicks, it can upgrade to traditional Windows 10 pro, which basically just brings back the ability to download and install your own software. On most Windows 10 S laptops, that'll be a $50 upgrade. In this case it's free until the end of 2017. Which is good, because for something pitched as a student laptop, it's on the expensive side. Starting at $999 You do get a very thin, light, premium feeling laptop which weighs less than three pounds and comes in four colors, each with a durable matching fabric cover over the keyboard tray. Battery life is said to be more than 14 hours. And Microsoft says by students, they actually mean college students. As in this is a laptop you could buy for a freshman orientation and use until you graduate. Of course since it's a Surface, All the cool extra tools like the surface pen and the surface dial still work with it. But it's design the rather strong keyboard and touch pad experience above all out. That's important because while surface got it's start with two one hybrids and you will always love talking about tablets and three hundred and sixty degree rotating hinges sometimes you just want a really nice laptop.