[APPLAUSE] This is the fourth generation, the fourth generation of building a tablet that can replace your laptop and man, we are there. This product is thinner, it is the thinnest most powerful Core PC ever shipped by far. Nothing even close. Start with the screen. We went from 12 inches to 12.3 inches on the diagonal. No, we didn't change the footprint at all of the device, at all. We did it by reducing the bezels. We put the LCD gate into the panel itself. No one has ever done that before. Very important. We wanted to give you more real estate for Windows 10, for office, for the power that you use it for. But the screen, oh my god, it will knock you out! 267 ppi. 267. That's over 5 million pixels, just right there. 5 million pixels on the screen. But I want to talk to you about a new technology in this product, because it's so much more than just the pixels anymore. We're introducing something that puts Touch, pen, softness on the eyes, perfect contrast, the pixels, screen all together. And we're calling it PixelSense technology, I'm gonna walk you through PixelSense so you get a feel for the technology in this product. First off, the cover glass. It's 400 microns thick, that 0.4 millimeters. That is the thinnest Cover glass with Gorilla Glass 4 on it ever shipped on a tablet. We have a 1.1 millimeter backlight in the product. We have a photo aligned oxide display, as you would expect. It's the best technology on the planet on a screen right now. But it is the thinnest optical stack up anyone can ship We also have our own custom chipset that brings it all together. I'm introducing to you today a chip set in this product called the G5 chipset brought to you by Microsoft. Let me explain to you what it does. In short, it takes that optical stack. And then it brings the best pen and touch experience you've ever witnessed or felt on any product and on this product right here. We're putting a terabyte of storage in the product. You go pick it. [APPLAUSE] You want to pick two gigabytes of RAM, yep we did. It's in there. Go pick it. Go check it out. It's there. A terabyte, 16 gigs, 50% [INAUDIBLE] is faster than our competitors. 30% faster than, this is what you expected right? We went from 9.1mm to 8.4mm. And the only reason we stopped there was to make sure you have the full power of the USB 3.0 port, that's it. There's 60% more pixels on the screen, we grew the screen, we give it 30% more power, we grew the storage, we grew the memory. It's a thinner and lighter package. That's all true. I wanna talk about the key set. We've put in a pro key set on this product. What you'll see is what we went from this tight key set design where we have now filled out the entire key set for your hand. The key set is beautiful. The key switch has a 1.3mm travel. It really is. It's 19mm right now. Between key sets it's what we call the pitch. It feels so soft ion your hands when you type. Best part within to the trackpad we made it 40% larger that was a big deal. 40% it feels beautiful, it uses the full power of windows ten and really comes to life. So, the new surface pro set keyboard comes with a finger print reader just for those customers. [APPLAUSE] Very cool. Products start at $899. You can pre-order pretty much right now. It's available October 26th. It's a great great set of products out there. Check it out. [MUSIC]