Hey, Cortana. [SOUND] What does my day look like? [BLANK_AUDIO] I found three events today. First up, at 9 AM you have a meeting titled, Packaging Review. It looks like you're low on fuel, so I suggest leaving ten minutes early to make your 9 AM meeting on time. Also, you got an update from Expedia confirming flights and a hotel room. Right, that's the upcoming vacation I have, so I better let my boss know. Hey, Cortana. [SOUND] Ask time away to set my out of office from Monday to Friday. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay you're marked as out of office from Monday to Friday. Your auto reply message is set and your time off has been entered in the time away system. Awesome, developers can create Cortana skills that work across platforms Like this example with the Invoke speaker, where Cortana's working directly with my work's time off system to fulfill my request. Hey, Cortana. [SOUND] Do I have any other reminders for today? [BLANK_AUDIO] You mentioned you would provide a list of designers for review in today's meeting. Right, remind me when I get to the car. Got it, with the device graph, I'm able to push this notification to any of my devices. So I could push it to my Xbox, but since I'm headed that way, I've gone ahead and sent it to my car. And don't laugh, it gets great fuel economy. [BLANK_AUDIO] So with the help of Cortana, I'm fueled up and ready to make my meeting on time. There is an accident on 520 that will make you late for your 9 AM meeting, would you like me to let the other attendees know, and connect you when it starts? Yes, please. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay, I'll let you know. [SOUND] Guess I spoke too soon. Hi Laura, just a reminder to provide a list of designers for your packaging review meeting. [SOUND] Ask LinkedIn to pull all the designers from my network. [BLANK_AUDIO] I found all the designers in your network. Would you like me to read out the top five, or send you a summary? [SOUND] Send a summary to my products review channel. Okay, I added that to your team channel. Because Cortana's aware of the device I'm on, she's able to provide me contextually appropriate responses so I can take the best next step. [BLANK_AUDIO] Hi, Laura, your meeting is about to start. Should I connect you? [SOUND] Yes, please. [SOUND] Hey, folks. I'm running a little late but go ahead and get started without me. No worries, Laura. We got your note earlier. So what Laura joins, let me take a second and show you guys around Microsoft Teams. For those of you that haven't seen it, this is Microsoft Teams, the new chat-based collaborative work space in Office 365 and we're in a team's meeting. So when I get back to my desk and open up my laptop, Cortana is waiting there for me with an action item from earlier in the day. When I click on the notification, it takes me to Outlook where there's an email with my meeting summary. It has the attendee lists, the video links, the tab views and the bot interactions. Best of all, here's my action items. I could go ahead and mark it as complete right in the email. But I wanna dig in a bit more. Developers could add content to this actionable email or create outlook plugins like this one from Microsoft Stream. When I click on the plugin the stream service gives me a transcription of the meeting. I can see key points when they made and who made them this way i can get the contacts that I need to complete my action item and of course the stream service uses the publically available Microsoft translation API so I could get this the language of my choice. So what you've seen us show you today are Teams and Cortana. Two services leveraging the intelligent edge and Microsoft Graph.