Microsoft is pushing out new products and software to bring out the artist in you. Making it easy for anyone to create three dimensional art. What, did you think Microsoft was just about stuffy office products? That's changing in the next version of Windows 10 called Creators Update, coming as a free update this spring. Packed with a new paint program that makes it easy to make 3-D art But first Microsoft will be releasing an updated Surface book laptop with double the graphics power and 16 hours of battery life. That's starts at $2400 and it arrives in November. There's also a brand new product the Surface Studio. It's an all-in-one touch screen pc with a crazy thin 28 inch LCD monitor that easily folds downward and flat so you can work on it like a drafting table Microsoft also created a new puck shaped accessory called The Dial. Turn it to cycle through different settings or place it on the touch screen and you can open up a new menu such as a color palette for artwork. This Surface Studio starts at about $3,000 and can be preordered now with a limited supply arriving mid December. The dial, it costs $100 extra. It also works with other new Surface computers. Pair it with a pen and suddenly you have a whole new Windows creative experience. Heres how Microsoft executive Yusuf Medhi explains this new phase. We feel around the cusp of a new wave of creativity. So, we're really going to get after it with our devices and our software. Back to that Windows 10 software. Microsoft wants to turn you into someone who Consumes a lot of content into someone who creates a lot of content. And it's also easy to share that content. Scan an object in the real world with a phone app, then import it into the new Paint 3D to create something unique. You masterpiece can be shared in the community, posted online as a video, or even viewed virtually with HoloLens or virtual reality headsets. Microsoft is working with partners to get more affordable BR headsets on the market that are easy to use starting at $300. But it's not all about drawing, usually create you own broadcast of a video game you're playing or create a tournament with friends And message your friends in new ways with playful emoji or create your own emoji. Shoulder taps are a way to ping your close friends. They'll see it on their desktop screen. You could say Microsoft wants Windows to have a personal touch, in more ways than one. Reporting from the Microsoft event in New York City, I'm Bridget Carey. [MUSIC]