The next wave of innovations from Microsoft. The anniversary update to Windows 10 coming this summer for free to all of our Windows 10 customers. This is so easy. I'm on a device right now that's enrolled with my fingerprint. All I'm gonna do is touch logon with Windows Hello There you go. My bad. And now it's asking me to touch my fingerprint and just like this it logs in. It's that fast, it's easy, it's safe, it's secure. [APPLAUSE] We are pumped about it! [APPLAUSE] Now let's talk about more personal computing and getting a little bit productive here, all right? Terry mentioned a new experience that's gonna put Ink front and center. Our goal of Windows Ink is really to combine the naturalness and the speed of pen and paper with the power of a PC. I'm gonna push this pen button, check this out. This is the Ink workspace All things ink are here. These are the three tasks people do most, I'm gonna jump in on that in a second. But look at this, my most recently used pen apps, I can get right back in and do what I was doing. Also down here, tips and tricks so users are gonna know what to do with this pen, we're gonna walk you through that. But another thing I want to call out to you folks, this right here, suggested apps. This is one place where if I touch this, I'm gonna go to a dedicated section of the store that just is amazing apps to support Pen. So we're gonna light that up for folks. They're gonna know what to do with the Pen. We're putting it right front and center. 3M sells fifty billion sticky notes a year. All right. Today on Windows10, we have eight million monthly active users of sticky notes and three million daily active users. So of course we're gonna make this better. I get to my sticky notes right here. Check this out. But watch what happens when I write tomorrow. First of all, look how easy and smooth this ink is flowing. But watch what happens next. I wrote the word tomorrow, and because we're combining the power of the pen and the PC, you see it turn blue. That's because we're smart enough to know that was handwriting, to know that it was a day, so that if I touch it, my homey who rocks at reminders, Cortana's easily able to come up And actually set that reminder for me. Okay and beyond just set reminders for Cortona Bing is integrated, it'll be able to recognize places, maps, all kind of cool stuff. Check this out, the sketch pad I already wrote some stuff here for you so maybe these lines were not as cool as I wanted them to be. Look how I'm easily able to come in and rotate this. I can come in and get my line super straight, I can come in and do this. [APPLAUSE] Y'all like it. You like it. Cool. And of course the last thing, this is gonna bother me if I don't do it. Y'all remember back in grade school, the first thing you learn is that whenever you have a heart, you gotta put the little arrow. You gotta do that. Okay, now because this is the power of the PC. Yes, that person was excited about the heart. I wrote that heart for my person. [APPLAUSE] So, I'm not gonna lose this whiteboard because I have the power of a PC. You know what, just so you all can have this for later, I'm gonna go ahead and tweet it.