I'm thrilled to announce that coming in a future release of Windows, we will be shipping an inbox app that will allow you to get some of the key workloads off your phone right onto your PC. So let me talk a little bit about how this would work. So as I said it's an inbox app integrated into your PC experience. You can launch it from the taskbar, launching it will give you access It's a permanent destination for your photos, for your texts, for your notifications and many other key workloads over time from your phone right there on your PC. So let's take a look at how this might work. So I have my phone and Martine gets some text message. We mirror that exact text message on her PC. She can reply in line or over launcher into the phone app we just talked about. Giving her the ability to use her full fledged PC as well as keyboard to interact with this text message. So let me talk a little bit about how this works. What we've done here is we've leveraged our knowledge of Martinez identity and her devices in the Microsoft Graph to create a durable connection between her phone and her PC. No we leverage this connection To pull some of the most recent text messages that she cares about from her phone right to her PC. Now Martina's in full control of this experience. She can decide to enable the experience, or disable it. She cares deeply about her privacy, and so do we at Microsoft. So we've ensured that the data that she has stays between her two devices and isn't synced to the cloud. So let's take a look at how this might proceed going forward. She starts having a conversation with her coworker. You saw some of this again inside this keynote. So being able to actually use your full keyboard instead of your two thumbs on your phone. Being able to integrate your workflows, so copy pasting images from your desktop right into your flow as well James colors the stool, sends it back. She's able to integrate all of the content of the content of her text message back into her PC as well without taking a rise away from being productive at her PC. Now one of the other things that's really critical is photos. So we've all had this moment where we've taken a picture and We want quick realtime access for that picture on that PC. So Martina is like my new vases [?] at the built conference and she just had lunch and she's basically trying to figure out if she can actually submit an expense report in the few minutes she has between sessions. So let's take a look at what she might do So Martina scrolls up and she finds the most recent pictures. Again we're leveraging the graph to get the 25 last pictures from her phone onto her PC. And she's able to open the picture in the photos app, edit it. So she says there's only one person eating lunch. She's able to save this to her desktop as well. And it's as easy as that. Now one of the other things that's a source of distraction and anxiety for most of us is notifications on our phone. What we've done here is basically mapped all her android notifications to either a Windows app or to a website. And then being able to actually give her the ability to click on the notification from the Contoso Expense app. So here's the [UNKNOWN] expense app, that many of you in this audience probably contributed to. And she has to ability to drag and drop that expense report receipt right in line. So I hope you guys are excited to use this because I certainly am. We're making it so that your phone and your PC work together for you and on your behalf. None of us here can live without our phones, and neither should your PC.