Microsoft is blocking some computers from getting the latest Windows 10 update because of a Bluetooth glitch. Two weeks ago, Microsoft began rolling out the Windows 10 Creators Update. It adds a few perks, like 3D Paint. But in the early user feedback, a problem was discovered. A Windows blog post describes it as A bluetooth accessory connectivity issue. PC that uses a certain Broadcom radio are not able to connect to bluetooth accessories. So until the bug is fixed, Microsoft is blocking the update from any computer that is known to experience the problem. Now to clarify, [UNKNOWN] means that the computers will not get the prompt to update automatically, but customers could bypass it by manually downloading the upgrade directly from Microsoft site, and unless you know if your computer is safe from the [UNKNOWN]. You're better off just waiting for your computer to prompt you to update. However, if you did download it, and you're dealing with Bluetooth problems, well, we have tips on CNET on how you can roll it back to the previous version, because no one should be forced to live in Bluetooth error hell. For CNET, I'm Bridget Carey