Speaker 1: Hey everyone and welcome to Connect. We believe in this vision so deeply that we renamed our whole company after it, and we're in a moment now when a lot of the technologies that will power the metaverse are starting to take off. [00:00:30] This is Meta Pro. [00:01:00] It delivers more expression and a deeper feeling of connection than any other technology with mixed reality built in. It lets you do things that just haven't even been possible before. It's all in a beautiful design that's comfortable to wear. Speaker 2: [00:02:30] What are you doing? Speaker 3: I'm eating cold. I'm hungry. Speaker 1: [00:03:30] As in person, work ramps up. We want everyone to have the ability to feel like they're present, even if they're not physically there. Speaker 4: [00:04:00] Yes, she ain't the only one who thrive on create, and Speaker 5: [00:06:30] Arguably the coolest part of MediConnect 2022 was a headset that Zuckerberg didn't show on video, but still demonstrated [00:07:00] how simply by using motor neuron signals, users could check and respond to messages or take photos. We Speaker 1: Have working demos of this stuff and it's pretty mind blowing.