So take for example, this HoloLens model that I have, yeah, right. I can literally hand it to you. And you can grab it. You can resize it with both of your hands you can manipulate it. And this is number one feature for creating really natively collaborative computing experience Right, you played. This is really cool. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I'm glad you liked it. You played with a lot of augmented and virtual reality experiences. You played with HoloLens experiences a lot. And most of them are really single person experiences, right? They put you in headset you experience something Super cool, but it's really only you that get to see it, right? Yeah. So the first thing here like imagine, with Microsoft MASH, everything being collaborative. There could be any number of us here physically around this table, and each of us that puts on a device that's capable of seeing this holographic world would be able to immediately participate in it. But think for example, like about a mesh enable Microsoft Teams, right? Think about being able to interact let me add ones one one shark here for you and then I'll let you play with it as I describe a little bit of those so yeah, sorry experience. Yeah, you know you please I was adding those for you>> [LAUGH] I just want to add something else you play with the jellyfish. I'm going to add a shark cause you can't have an underwater scene with jellyfish. Cool. Here comes my baby shark. There it is. I'll make it a little bigger but I'll give you a shark to play with as well. Here it go. [INAUDIBLE] I know go ahead. I mean are you still anotating? So the way to do it if you wanna stop anotating again look at your hand and like this the thing right above the paint brush is a little hand that's the move. Yeah. And then you can grab things and move them around and resize them There we go. This is really cool just floating the earth in the air. Make the moon tinier, and then place the moon around your earth, just like that. And then just for one space jellyfish up there. [LAUGH] Well if you've got up to one, I'm gonna put another one there too for you.