Amazon is making Trekkie dreams come true. You can now command the Amazon Echo smart speaker by simply saying computer as the wake word instead of calling out the name Alexa. It's quite the logical move for Amazon. The Echo has always been luscious thing to having a star trek computer in your home but now with the computer command you can talk to your smart home the same way you would converse with the Starship Enterprise. Owners can engaged with the speakers in multiple ways. Sure it answers basic questions like computer how do you defeat the Borg, or computer play music mambo. [MUSIC] That's more like it. You can also have it control other connected smart home things. Like, say, when you want to just turn on four lights and not five. if you want to switch from Alexa to computer as the wake word, you just go into settings, from the sidebar menu, scroll down to the wake word, and select computer, tap save, and it'll make it so. The whole experience will be complete Once you install a food replicator in the kitchen. Computer, tea, Earl Grey, hot. Unable to reply, replicators are offline. For CNET I'm Bridget Carey. Computer, beam me up. At warp speed Captain? The engines will never take it.