There's a fast new way to make an animated gift using Samsung's new Galaxy Note 7 phone and S-Pen stylus. You start by loading up the video you wanna turn into a clip, then you call up the Air Command menu that let's you quickly get to S-Pen shortcuts. Choose the Smart Select tool, and adjust your frame by dragging the box in its corner. You can choose high or standard quality and now you're ready to play the video. When you get to the section you wanna GIFIFY, press the record button on a screen and stop when you're done. Congratulations you have just made a GIF but, you're not quite done because, Samsung give you a lot of post processing and editing tools Like adjusting the app paper ratio,chosing the video looping and adding stickers,logos and even handwritten annotations. After you've made all your adjustments,you are ready to go crazy on the sharing. [MUSIC]