This is the light wear, we have the light pack, and we also have our control but on the front of the device you'll notice that we have a series of cameras and sensors. So those are what are tracking the environment to help the content interact with the real world. And so there's also an LED sensor light in there that'll help other people understand exactly what you're doing with the device. So really make- So if you're recording there will be an indication? Yeah, voice or if you're recording any audio or actual video, we want people to know that you're actually recording. So we got different elements around that and we also do have world camera on the device. So if you wanted to take pictures with the device, you'll have an oppurtunity to do that as well. And so, on this here, on the device, you'll notice that we've got on the sides, here, There are actually some inward audios. With that audio on the device, you've got spatialized audio, you can hear things within the world as if they were physically there. So you can see here that on the front of the device on the inside we do actually have some inward facing cameras that are looking at your eyes. And so basically that'll help with, you know, looking at where your eyes are, where you're focused on the world. So you'll notice here on the sides of the device we do have some microphones so that you can, you know, record the audio if you want. And so on the light pack here, you'll notice on the front of the device here that we've got out power button. And then on the top of the device here You're gonna notice that, right about here, we've got that auxiliary jack. So we do have an options that you can use in-ear ear buds, as well. On the front of the device here, we actually have a USBC. So this is utilized for things like charging. But if our developers actually wanted to utilize it as an input method, as well They can plug our light pack into their laptop and actually, you know, input content directly to the device. And then right now we've got our control. So with a control, this is basically your handheld component that you'll be using to interact with the device. So on here we again have our power button here This also works as our home button. So if you think about, you know, how you're gonna pull up your launcher every the time, it's very much like the home button on most of the cell phones out there today. And that gives you the opportunity to then select different applications on the device. Here we've got out touch pad. So with out touch pad we do have some different LED sensors that are on that touch pad. They'll help show you where you need to actually, you know, interact with different content Utilize it for things like scaling, other components there for you. And then on the front side, we've got what we call a bumper. So with the bumper, you're gonna utilize that as a way to kind of interact with your content as well. You've got your trigger on the underside, so basically you would be holding it Get your thumb on the top side, your pointer finger on the bottom side here. So on the lightwear, they 're couple pieces that we have that are interchangeable. So, we wanted to make sure that this device is really comfortable for our users. And really give you the proper fit and help you distribute the weight And so on the top of the device here, we call this our brow pad, right? So with the brow pad, we have a thinner option as well to really make sure that you've got that proper fit, proper comfort, and then we've got our nose pad here as well. And so with the nose pad it will be shipping with multiple different variations of the nose piece that really extend the device differently on the y-axis to make sure it's Properly aligned for things like eye tracking. We are working with a partner on those prescription lenses. So there is an option on the inside of the device where it will actually click right into the device. We know that a lot of population has glasses, right? We want to make sure that this device is something that everyone can wear and that we are inclusive to everyone.