The Mac Book Air, one of the most popular laptops in history of laptops. Orginaly launched back in 2008. I was there for that launch and I'm here now for the biggest change for the Mac Book Air since then. This new Mac Book air, which everyone has been waiting for, for a long time really looks like a cross between the 12-inch Mac Book, which I also love And the 13 inch MacBook Pro. It's got a lot of MacBook Pro styling, they've taken, particularly here in the screen, that old MacBook Air screen, a lower resolution screen. And now it looks like the screen you get on the 12 inch MacBook or the 13 or 15 inch MacBook Air. Very thin bezel right here, the glass goes edge to edge, and of course much higher resolution. I think it's 2880 by 1600. So it looks and feels a lot more like one of these modern laptops they called a retina display just like they called a high res displays in all the MacBooks. And of course you've also got this butterfly style super flat keyboard. That's now uniform across all the different MacBooks. And you've got the larger force-touch trackpad, so no more click-down, angle the touchpad with that one lever in the back. Now it's got that touchpad that really doesn't move, but it kind of just [UNKNOWN] it when you press down on it, but you could also be like me and just do all of your stuff just through tapping and swiping and never click down at all. Inside, one of the big things about the MacBook Air for several generations in, it's been a few years behind in the CPU game. Everyone else has modern, seventh-generation, eighth-generation Intel processors. MacBook Air was always a little bit behind that. Now, they've updated to eighth-gen processors, who are the current ones on the market right now. Because this is a very small setup laptop, you do only get dual core versions of this, versus The quad core that you find in the MacBook Pro or even the Mac MIni. But you do get up to 16 gigs of RAM and I think you can put up to 1.5 terabytes of solid state storage in here. Now this does not have the Touch Bar that you find on the MacBook Pro, but they've actually added the best part of that Touch Bar. And that's the little fingerprint reader right here. It's really the one part of the Touch Bar that I use All of the time. You put your finger on there, logs you right on just like it used to do on an iPhone or an iPad, in order to do that, they've included that T2 security chip for you to get all of that extra security, especially on boot up, and it also [UNKNOWN] The fingerprint reader that is right here. Other Apple devices like the iPhone 10 family and the new iPad Pro, they've moved onto from touch ID to facial recognition but here they've moved from just typing in your password to touch ID and I frankly find that very useful on the Macbook Pro that I sometimes use. Now the big question everybody has about the new Mac Book Air is what to do with the ports. On the old one, you got HDMI, you got USB-A, you have a [UNKNOWN] safe. But, of course, all the newer Mac Books have USB-C only. For the most part. So right over here I'm gonna show you, we've also made the move to USBC but unlike the 12 inch Mac book, which I think is a great laptop but the big knock people have about it is it only has one port. Here you get two of them and they're both also thunderbolt ports so this will be your data port, you're power port, you video output port. Because there's no more HDMI it pretty much does everything for you. And getting two of them is certainly a lot better than getting one. The lowest level MacBook Pro also only has two of those ports. But I will show you one, one nice thing is that you've still got a headphone jack. These are rapidly disappearing from the wild. But Apple laptop's is one place where you can still get them. I think they're gone from the iPad Pros now, but just take your old headphones, plug them right in there. Now, if you want to do something that's a little more extravagant than you would think a MacBook Air would be able to handle, these also support the external GPUs or eGPUs that Apple has approved to work with some of the MacBook Pro models. So you can get these third party boxes that have AMV graphics card inside, hook them up right here through the USBC and then it's like you have a dedicated graphics card which is great for video productions, it's great for gaming frankly. If you're one of those hardcore Mac gamers out there It's something you can just add when you need and take away when you don't need. You don't need to walk around with a giant computer with a GPU in it. This new MacBook Air seems to have just about everything you will have on your wish list for what a redesigned, reimagined MacBook Air could be. So what's the catch. I'll tell you the catch. The original MacBook Air, or at least the previous version was famously 999 for the 13 inch version. That's a pretty good price for a mainstream computer that you can use for years and years. It seems as tough as nails and it was really the standard machine you'd see on college campuses, in a coffee shop. 999, it was an achievable spurs. This new version starts at 1199. [INAUDIBLE] Which is a pretty good job. I'm gonna be honest with you. Now it adds a lot more pro like features so you can almost call it a MacBook Pro Lite but just be prepared, $999 is gone, $1199 is the new starting price for this guy right here, Apple's new highly anticipated MacBook Air.