A few months ago, we launched Life Transcribe, powered by Google's Cloud Speech API, to caption conversations in real time. You can leave your phone open with the app, and when someone speaks to you, it transcribes their speech into text. Those who cannot Or prefer not to speak can also respond by typing. Was really inspired by how the product came about. Two of our [UNKNOWN] researchers, Dimitri and Chet, saw an opportunity to help people, and collaborated to develop the app. Together, with a small team of engineers. And people who volunteered their 20% time, they built Live Transcribe and it is now available in over 20 languages and dialects on Android devices. [APPLAUSE] Today we are going further in extending this technology. We are announcing a new feature called Live Caption makes all content, no matter its origin, more accessable to everyone. The incredible thing is it works completely on device, so there's no delay. With one click, you can turn on captions for a video, Podcast are even on a moment you capture at home. The only possible due to our recent breakthroughs in speech recognition technology. We recently tested live caption with some users. Let's take a look. So you hit this volume button here and then we turn on that button. [BLANK_AUDIO] Wow. And if you want to see more you can. My god. This is really amazing. It feels like, wow, it's such a simple feature, but it has such an impact on me. It's gonna make my life so much easier. I wake up at two o'clock in the morning to walk, to wake up my mom or dad- [LAUGH] to say, what are they saying on this? [LAUGH] You- [APPLAUSE] You can imagine all the use cases for the broader community, too. For example, the ability to watch any video, if you're in a meeting or on the subway, without disturbing the people around you.