[MUSIC] Hey, I was just taking a little Z's in a first class seat Here in the LG Display booth at CES 2020. LG Display makes all the OLED displays for everybody in the world, and they do some really cool concept OLEDs. This is a first class cabin like nothing I've ever seen. Up on the wall here, you've got OLED displays curved to simulate the curvature of the inside of an aeroplane. They kinda give you this feeling like you're looking out of the window except the window is Gigantic here. Look here isn't even a simulated plane waiting with some clouds really cool. In the front I have a 65 inch OLED TV that when I want, I can even make it a curved TV. It's got a motorized motor behind here. I can just go My gosh. Well, I'd like to watch some curved TV now see what it looks like. Get that perspective. And then it can curve back to flat if I want to go there. Another really cool feature about this you can see this little display here. This is my control for my seat. So who needs buttons when you have an OLED touch panel and you can actually put it into bed form you can lounge you can adjust the seat up and down. Put the TV mode here you have control of your flat and your curved. But the coolest thing in this cockpit in my opinion is this partition. So normally you have a first class seat you got to roll up your partition here, but look at this. This is a transparency that can go slowly opaque. And all of a sudden, I'm completely ensconced in my little pod here. completely invisible. Until I want to enjoy my little privacy here at 30,000 feet. And then of course if I wanna talk to my neighbor or somehow come out of my world, I can press the button again, turn that display back into full transparency. So that was a look at the airplane seat. We're gonna go over now to something that you can use in the home. Now LG has had for last couple years, these TVs that roll up and they disappear. Now they have one that comes down from the ceiling LG Display is showing this concept piece right over here. Come on. Let's check it out. This is basically a window they have set up over here. Nice of course the US Ola displays to simulate the outside. You got a big Nice view here, so we're gonna go over to our control panel, and we're just gonna roll down our TV, this is pretty cool. You can imagine if they make it a little more discreet with these top bars here You can maybe have this TV again, pretty much disappear from view until you want to watch it, and of course when you do watch it hopefully, you know this have been simulated here so it's going to almost seem like you are looking through a window, but now it's time to watch a show or a movie all of a sudden you got your TV here. Now let's say we don't watch TV anymore. We want to enjoy the trees again. wonderful view outside. Maybe it suddenly becomes daytime again. My gosh look at that. Bye bye moon. Look at that. It's beautiful. So again, this is a concept not available for sale worth noting that the one that comes up from the floor is available for sale this year from LG Electronics. Those guys are charging $60,000 for that TV, no idea how much this is going to be. But you know it's not gonna be cheap. Real quick. I want to show you the couple of cool little things here. This is their concept pieces again for almost like smart speakers, a little curved OLED display here. But the thing that I was really impressed by, this is sort of a hologram looking thing they can actually this with the light field OLED, they call it This is a two dimensional OLED display, but they put some lenticular effects on it. So it creates a stereoscopic view, a little bit like 3D glasses and you can kind of look at it. I don't know if it shows up on the camera, but as I'm looking, I can actually see it flip back and forth. And you know, it reminds me of of those 3D TVs that are glasses free. And so again, it's not a perfect illusion, but it's pretty cool, especially in this little In this little fish bowl, this beautiful little environment that they have here. Okay, so this was all the stuff for the home and the airplane. But of course these guys also wanna put screens in your car. So follow me, we'll check this out. All right, guys, here we have LG's car cockpit. This thing is festooned with screens. Let me take it for a spin. [BLANK_AUDIO] Plenty of leg room here, I appreciate that. So, we'll start here with this transparent windshield. So we talked about the transparent display over there, with the airplane carpet. This is a windshield concept, so you can see it's got all the display stuff right there on the windshield, but of course you can see right through it, so you can actually drive. Pretty cool. Down below that this is all a plastic holder they call it P OLED display actually all the displays here except the transparent one. This is a really large OLED screen you can look how beautiful it looks with the blacks and all the graphics that come up here. You have your music Course you've got a really nice display over here for you can put up your navigation, your contacts, anything you wanna put on here will appear. There's even a climate control thing there. And here we have the side view mirrors. We're going to come over to the one that's near on the driver's side here. Check this out. So you can actually adjust the mirror by changing the display here and you can move it around Kind of this is exactly like you got your rear view side view mirrors on your car. This guy's coming up hard on my left and then take it over here and adjust it. There's your other side, one side, you can bring it all around. So that's one more display and this one is my favorite right here, above The the speedometer and everything you have what they call a dual layer display. So, this is a transparent display with the P OLED behind it. The effect is almost 3D you can kind of see it here. They got some really cool graphics going on. And it's just another way to make this whole driver experience seems super high tech. And then of course we have the main display here with all the adjustments that you need for your your seat. We have navigation here. You can play with your climate control, all this stuff. You can even adjust the driving mode. Again, all your controls are here. We'll go back here, adjust the seat a little bit. I can actually feel this on the back of the seat here as it changes. Even tire pressure monitor, look at that. So everything's good, we're ready to roll. All right, let me show you one other thing back here. So, plan out of the seat around here, so that's all for the drivers. The passengers get their own really cool thing. So this we saw those roll up displays. Here's a rollable OLED for the passenger entertainment system. So instead of just having a fixed display there, black all the time you know when it's not in use. This thing rolls right up. Look at that. And then look, you have a miniature display here. Guys in the back can play around with it and get, again, interaction with it and of course if you wanna watch a movie, you wanna have a display on the screen, it will roll right back down again, look at that. And of course LG on their demo here, LG display they have a really nice, there's the music, there is the movies, you can actually go through it and have it set up for other things like we have some news headlines here So again you have this full interactivity and be able to play around with whatever you want this feels Look at that. It's a really nice little OLED display. LG Display is the company that makes all of the OLED displays for LG Electronics as well as Sony and a bunch of other companies. They are showing these concepts here. These are not real products, yet most of them these are concepts. They're kind of Definitely needs so we can kind of get an idea of what the future looks like with OLED displays. This is a really cool concept. I hope it comes to my car pretty soon. Of course that stuff in the home and even the airplane, more really neat futuristic stuff here at CES 2020 from LG Display. If you liked this video at CNET, please subscribe. [MUSIC]