[MUSIC] Behold LG's latest OLED tvs, the B6 and E6, both are available in 55 and 65 inch sizes, and both trounce the picture quality of any LCD tv I've ever tested. They're also a bit better than last year's OLED models. Let's take a closer look. OLED, which stands for organic light emitting diode, is a fundamentally different flat panel display technology in LCD, which is used by just about every other TV available today. Each with of the more than 8 million K OLED TVs is it's own independent light source and each can turn pure black when necessary or get very bright. The result is a spectacular picture that looks equally good from any seat in my test New for 2016, LG has made all their TVs even brighter and to my test, the difference was evident. They're not as bright as most expensive LCDs but the B6 and E6 are still bright enough to look great in any room lighting. And if you really wanna enjoy the best these TVs can do, turn down the lights and soak in that perfectly dark black levels and awesome contrast. Another addition this year is Dolby Vision HDR compatibility and three of its streaming apps offer TV shows and movies in Dolby Vision. Netflix, Amazon, and Vudu. High dynamic range can look even better than 4k video. And unlike Sony and Samsung TVs, LG supports both HDR and Dolby Vision, providing the wide selection of HDR movies and TV shows. In my test, HDR from any source looks superb on these televisions. Beyond the picture, these TVs have OLED's trademark super slim style. It looks sleek enough on the B6 with it's exceedingly thin cabinet, The more expensive E6 looks even nicer. This set has a beautiful picture on glass design, and below the screen the sound bar then improves the audio too. Of course if you're spending this much on a TV you should pair it with a high quality external sound system. And price is the biggest downside of LGs new OLED TV. Depending on the size and model it costs twice as much or even more compared to high-performance LG sets. That's a lot to pay for supreme picture quality but if you demand the best and can afford it LG's 2016 [UNKNOWN] are the best options at these sizes. I'm David Castmeyer for CNET. [MUSIC]