[MUSIC] Brick fans meet one of the newest Lego City sets, it's the Airport Passenger Terminal. Front and center of this set is this enormous plane. It's 47 centimeters long. You also get an airport terminal and this runway vehicle. Let's go! [MUSIC] We have built this little airport car system thing. It's got some really nice Details here like these little suitcases. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] Well halfway through building the plane, we're gonna put the roof on soon so I said we'd take a moment to appreciate some of the interior details. This toilet is quite nice, there's a little swingy door here, and you can see a little Lego toilet bowl in the back there. The seats, obviously, up here we've got a little drinks compartment that slides down. Worryingly close to the [UNKNOWN] PIlot's chair if you ask me, but there you go. He's got a little coffee cup. Again, hot liquids, electronics, spillages. [MUSIC] The plane is Finished. That actually took longer than I thought it would. So much in this plane is huge solid pieces of brick that I thought maybe wouldn't stay that longer, so maybe tiny details all over the plane, around the engine, around the wheel. I think it's a bit of a shame that's no hinge on this, it should make it easier to get it inside and mess around the interior but, one minor confession is that these bricks here, that strip orange. That actually sort of attaches the roof to the rest of the plane. There aren't many studs on that, so it's reasonably easy to just pull sections off if you did want to get inside. On a much more positive note, I love the This door. It's so cool, it's got the hinge on it so when you pull it open it sort of opens in that way that plane doors do which I really really really like. And on the underside as well, the landing gear, these wheels are really nice. And this front one spins. [MUSIC] Halfway through building the terminal there are some fun moving parts here. Let's examine them. So, first up, we've got the revolving doors, it's pretty cool, quite intimidating. Let's try putting someone through it, shall we? [SOUND] Caught in the mechanism. Okay, something like that. You're not gonna be working at the airport on that leg. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] That's not good, that's not healthy, all right, nice and slow, [LAUGH]. They've got this baggage belt, it's pretty fun, this came basically as one piece, I only have to put on these little adornments, I'll put them on the little Lego suitcases. Hang on, pull this up, there we go, there we go, wait for it! [Music] So it all really came together at the end there, the last few stages were mostly sort of decoration, a lot of stickers. This airtraffic control tower is a really nice final detail, see the chair spins? That's a really nice addition. As well on the top that also is adjustable. So it's been a build of big pieces, but also of tiny details. It's not the cheapest set, but you do get a lot of Lego, and quite a lot of building for your money. Anyway, that's all for now. See you back next time. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]