The LENOVO MIIX 510 is about as close as you're going to get to MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO 4 tablet PC, right down to its hinged kickstand. Frankly, there's not a lot you can do different with the tablet PC design. And if you're going to copy one, The Surface is certainly the best. Pricing starts at around $600, but $750 gets you this core i5 version with 256 gigs of storage, which is good since there's no SD or micro SD card slot for more room. Room. What you do get that the Surface doesn't have is a USBC port for data and video output. Also, unlike the Surface, Lenovo includes its keyboard cover. It gives a generally excellent typing experience with the exception of its tiny right hand shift key. Lenovo doesn't include its active pen for drawing on the screen, but at $40 it's an affordable add-on with twice the pressure sensitivity of Microsoft's pen. Too bad it's holder blocks all your ports and power jacks. Performance was solid for office or school work and being able to simply pull off the cover and start drawing or watching videos is great. It got about five and a half hours on our battery test and that's a little better than average for the category, so no full workday here but still good. So, yes, Lenovo made a bit of a clone here of the Surface Pro 4. But at least it's a good one and it comes in at a lower price.