If you've ever had to take between a Wacom tablet and a regular tablet this one's for you. The Lenovo Yoga book is an Android tablet with a built in keyboard that also doubles as a Wacom tablet. It comes with a stylus which you can use on the tablet screen or keyboard, but if you are more of a traditional pen and paper type, the Yoga book can do you one better. You can easily turn the stylus into a pen and use the provided notepad or a piece of paper over the keyboard to write notes or draw. It'll transcribe what you jot down, even if you're not using the tablet screen and just writing on the keyboard itself. The keyboard, which lights up, isn't detachable, however, you can hide it by flipping it over for the full tablet experience. On top of that, It's design is super thin, light weight, and has a high quality feel. The combination [UNKNOWN] and Android tablet isn't something we've seen in such a sleek package before. It's a versatile tool for writers, students, and artists and at $500 it's just as affordable as the Google Pixel. The Lenovo Yoga Book is expected to hit stores this fall.