I'm Dan Ackerman, here at CES 2015, with the third generation of Lenovo's flex hybrids. These are laptops that transform into other shapes. The big difference between this one, the Flex 3, and the earlier versions of the Flex. Were that the first two generations of Flex started out like this, like a clamshell laptop. And then, much like Lenovo's very well-known Yoga line, you could fold it back into sort of a kiosk mode like this, to about 300 degrees. But then they stopped. They had, literally have rubber stoppers here that kept you from folding them back further. All right, you could move it like this and you could fold it up like a table tent. And you could use it like a laptop. But if you wanted a full hybrid, you really had to trade up to the Yoga. Now, the new Flex 3, look at this, goes down all the way. It's essentially a Yoga in all but name. Pretty much an entry level version of the Yoga. And it's available in an 11, a 14, and a 15 inch model. This 11 inch model goes up to an Intel Pentium processor. So, you know, it's kind of a small ultra portable. The 14's and 15's they're gonna go all the way up Intel's new fifth generation Core I series, also known as Broadwell. This guy's just got a 1366 by 768 screen. These guys go up to full HD. The nice thing is instead of paying a premium price for Yoga, and they're still fairly expensive laptops, the Flex three starts at 399, 549, and 579 in the U.S. And all these models will be available in May. I'm Dan Akman and that's the Lenovo Flex 3. [MUSIC]