[MUSIC] Somewhere in this innocent looking mansion, ghosts lurk. And you need to find them with your phone. If this sounds something like Ghostbusters or Luigi's Mansion in Lego's other AR apps, you're not far off. Lego Hidden Side is the company's first fully AR-oriented set of They're little sets where creepy things can appear, if you follow your phone and the game rules. Prices will range from $20 to $120 for the kits when they hit this summer. Flipping little color-coded switches can trigger ghosts to appear in your phone's targeting lens via AR which you can collect, or secret puzzles. The goal is to collect all the ghosts. Unlike previous Lego augmented reality kits, Lego Hidden Side doesn't technically use AR kit and it's not multiplayer. But it does work with both phones and AR core ready android phones. The blend of real pieces and virtual effects is the most elaborate yet. Will it be enough to make you want to play while holding a phone though? That's unclear. But as a teeny tiny type of Lego escape room with ghosts added, Lego Hidden Side is an interesting idea. Maybe future kits could blend reality even more or be stages where little characters could act entire tiny shows. One thing this still doesn't do thought is help you put your monster house back together when your kid brother or sister tears it Maybe next year, Lego, maybe next year. [MUSIC]