[MUSIC] Life can be tough. Let's make Star Wars Lego. We're looking at The Encounter on Jakku Lego Star Wars set. That's one of the newest sets out there. And then you get Rey, BB-8, you got Unkar Plutt and you also get this guy. That's Teedo and his Luggabeast. Sort of hybrid robot horse thing. Let's build. This is T Dove, he is in on the force legos for about 40 seconds. [MUSIC] This is quite cool, look at this. It's a chain. There's on the lego beast's belly. That's what it's called, lego beast. I did my research for that. That's pretty cool, don't see many of them. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Are we done? We've got articulated Legs here, and the head. This is good. Interesting facts about [UNKNOWN] beast I read online, they're non-sentient, and apparently it's not known whether they defecate. Now we're going to move on to what every kid wants to play with, [UNKNOWN]. Thanks, John. [MUSIC] Aha, that's quite clever. We have completed [UNKNOWN] convenient under-bed storage, I think is what this basically is. Little drawer you can see there, it's got a [UNKNOWN] in it And you can slide that in there. That's really nice detail, my enthusiasm only slightly tempered by the fact it doesn't really show up in the film. [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC] Look at that amazing plastic hair. That's awesome. Been looking forward to this point since we started. [MUSIC] Out the way everyone else, we're making BB8 now. [LAUGH] Overall yes, look at that. [MUSIC] Are getting the gang together. [MUSIC] And we're done. That was pretty fun. Didn't have to use the brick separator once so I count that as a massive win personally. High points, definitely the Lego Beast, that was a lot of fun to make This, the sort of market stall, I do really like all the little details like straw, and the cups and of course the broom. And you get Rey and BB-8 and I think this is the cheapest full set that comes with both of those mini figures. So, if you're desperate to get those then it's not a bad set. That's all for now. So stay tuned to CNET.