It's been a while since most of us use film cartridges, but it's a video format that apparently never died, and now Kodak is staging a comeback. This is a modern take on the Super 8. We saw it last year as a prototype at CES and now this is the living, breathing model that will make film series through, and will be available in stores. Beautiful retro design that looks especially sharp in person and sounds even better on recording. That's because it uses the old 8 millimeter cartridges, hence the namesake, that need to be developed in a studio or in this case with Kodak, which is included as part of the service. You mail in the cartridge. Then it's developed, processed and scanned into digital files that are downloadable from the Kodak Darkroom website. You then get your developed films sent back. The camera itself does have a few upgrades. For starters, it uses a foldable LCD display as the viewfinder and it tracks audio on an SD card slot with a few of other ports to plug into an external monitor. It comes with a wide-angle lens but you can use any old C mount lens from other brands via third-party adapter. And though it does have its downside, there's something satisfying about pressing record on this camera and hearing the snapping of this film that you don't get on digital. And the effect on an a screen is like a retro instagram filter that will transport you a few decades back. The super eight will be available in two editions, a limited edition in grey which will be more expensive or the standard edition in black or white.