Photography Brown Kodak might have fallen out of favor in recent years. But the company is attempting to cling on to life with the launch of the Ektra. A photography-focused Android phone. The problem is, it's not that good at taking photos. Of the camera as 21 megapixel sense which should be enough pixels to make your images look really sharp. However an extremely heavy hand on the imaging process by the camera makes fine details look awfully fuzzy. Why balance 2 can be very and image noise and low light and get so bad it looks like your photos were taken on A USB Webcam from the 90 The camera interfaces very slow and cocky to use too, so while you can get some good looking shots, even getting those can often be frustrating. And it's not just the camera that's the problem with the [UNKNOWN] it's designed to look right luxurious, leather and metal but that's an illusion. It's made entirely from plastic that's feels very cheap to hold and the chunky ring around the camera lens which says no function whats so ever. There's no fingerprint scanner for Android Pay and the battery life sucks. There's a deca-core processor inside, which on paper is powerful. But even swiping around the Android interface can be stuttery and slow. And I've experienced apps randomly crashing on multiple occasions So all in all, this is not a good phone. It's priced alongside the Galaxy S7 which beats the Ektra in every way I can possibly think of. It doesn't really take a genius to know where your money should go. [MUSIC]