This is the JBL link view. It's the second of four Google Assistant equipped smart speakers with a screen to hit the market. The first one that came out was the Lenovo. Display which we really liked. The JBL Link View uses the same software, the same assistant. So it can do everything Lenovo can do. It responds to all the same voice commands as Google Home. You can also make video calls, watch stuff on YouTube, and see a relevant video when you Ask for the news. The screen even helps out when you control your smart home. And it's a great sous chef, as it walks you through recipes step-by-step. While doing that, you can multitask, and add stuff to your shopping list, set your calendar, or set a timer while you cook. You can even listen to music, or watch a video, and it will never lose your place in the recipe. [UNKNOWN] Since this JBL has the exact same set of features as this Lenovo, it needed to stand out with the sound quality that the company JBL is known for. So let's jump in with the sound comparison. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] So you could clearly hear that JBL has stronger bass, it might push the bass a little too much for some and you can't balance the the EQ settings for smart displace yet, even though you can do that for Google smart speakers. Hopefully Google add that feature down the line, but I still think JBL sounds good even on a later tracked with more predominant vocals. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] See, even there, JBL's sound is fuller, it's richer. JBL needed to sound better than Lenovo and it does. For a kitchen assistant, the JBL link view can rock. It's $250 and has an eight-inch screen. If you're not as in the music and you just want something on in the background, I think the Lenovo smart display looks nicer and you get a 10-inch screen for $250. Both are fun and competent gadgets, their good kitchen assistants So picking between them will come down to whether you want this more polished look or the booming sound. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]