[MUSIC] Heart rate in a new redesign plus a very affordable fitness tracker for Jawbone. I'm Scott Stein and this is a look at two new fitness trackers they're announcing this fall. The Up3 and the Jawbone Move. The Jawbone Up Move is affordable. It's made of plastic. It lasts six months on a charge with a coin battery. It's waterproof so you can wear it in the shower. And it tracks your steps, and shows time in a little LED readout. Gives you your daily progress. Its a cheap accelerometer based fitness tracker, available very soon. And it looks a lot like the Mystic flash, or the Mystic shine, which are also similar modular fitness trackers that can fit in a clip on or be worn on your wrist. The Up 3 is a high end fitness tracker. It's a update to last year's Up 24. And it's got a thinner, sleeker design. It really looks like wearable jewelry. And it has a built in heart rate monitor using bio impedance, that comes from technology by Body Media. This will track sleep, stress, and in future, even hydration levels and can be used while you're working out, to track various activities, or to se see how you're handling the day using new smart coaching software that will be available soon. For $180 this is going to come in several different styles, and it'll be available by end of the year. The Up-3 also has water resistance down to 10 meters, and it can last a week on a charge. Even though it doesn't have a screen, it looks like the type of low-maintenance easy-use type of device that a lot of people are looking for. I'm Scott Stein, and that's a look at Jawbone's new wearables, available soon.