Apple's AirPods have dominated the truly wireless headphone category since their arrival in late 2016, but now they have some real competition. Jabra's new Elite 65t and water-resistant Elite Active 65t that only have a more refine comfortable design in Jabra ear elite sport miles but they offer an improve performance, excellent curved body and voice support for all nation virtual assistant including Amazon and it's on the go I thought they had slightly richer and more immediate sound than the AirPods, with more robust space. And they are incredibly expensive at 170 and $190, respectively. These new models leave out the heart rate monitor found in the Elite Sport, but that's a good thing. it allowed Jabra to shrink the design and these headphones fit much better and don't require any wings or fins to keep them securely in your ears. Battery life is rated at five hours, the same as the Airpods, and the included compact charging case gives you an extra two charges. I use the standard Elite-65 at the gym and it's survived just fine, for lighter workouts anyway, but the Elite Active 65T is considered the real sports model It's got a grippier finish thanks to its special coating and is water resistant and is equipped with an integrated accelerometer for tracking stuff like rep counts. These are noise isolating earphones which means they passively seal out ambient noise while the air pods Open design let's a lot of ambient noise in, bu there is a hear through transparency feature that you can toggle on in Jabra sound+ companion app that allows sound to leak in. That's a good safety feature for runners and bikers who need to hear traffic around them. The app also has an equalizer that allows you to tweet the sound for music listening, as well as treble and bass boost modes for call audio Additionally, you could opt to have your music pause automatically when you pull a bud out of your ear and have your music resume once you put the bud back in. To skip tracks forward and back, you hold down the up or down volume buttons on the left ear piece. You do have a choice of voice assistance on IOS devices, you can toggle between Siri and Alexa. And on android devices, you can go with Google Now or Alexa. Or the default voice assistant. Just like with other wireless headphones, you have to press a button and hold it to access the voice assistant. Overall, I didn't find much to complain about. It'd be nice if there was just one Elite 65t and not That model was fully water-resistant, but otherwise these are a big step forward from the earlier Elite Sport earphones. They're superior to the AirPods in some ways, so definitely check them out if you're in the market for a set of truly wireless headphones. I'm David Carnoy for CNET. COM. Thanks for watching.