Hey, I'm here with the new Jabra Elite 75T. Jabra sent us an early sample. This is a non working unit, so this isn't going to be a full review. We don't know exactly how it sounds, although Jabra says it's supposed to sound exactly like the earlier 65T. Which was one of the most popular [UNKNOWN] headphones out there. We did think it sounded better than the airpods and was our editor's choice. So we're very excited to get a listen to this. Well, we're not gonna be able to do that because this is an early prototype, but I did want to show it to you because It's all about the design. It is now 20% smaller than the previous model. The case is also smaller, and it has better battery life, but it has the same drivers It's supposed to sound the same, but, in theory, if you get a better fit with these types of headphones, you should get better sound. This is scheduled to come out in October. It does cost more than the previous version. It is $200. It is water resistant and sweat resistant with an IP 55 rating. That it can take a good hit with water, but it can't Can't be submerged. The Elite 65T is available in an active version that is a little bit more durable however this should be fine for running and doing just about anything you want to do athletically with it. In terms of making calls [UNKNOWN] hasn't changed anything in terms of the number of microphones. There's still four microphones However, it is now replaced one microphone on the back of the earbud, and then one on the front. It's also made the nose, that's the place where you think the microphone is, they call it the nose. That nose is now smaller, so it makes the headphone more discreet. One of the small but key improvements that I appreciated about this, is that the case is easier to open. With this 65T it could be a little bit difficult to get the case open, but with this it's much easier. Jabra has managed to shrink the size of the earphones, but again, the battery life has improved And one of the reasons for that is Bluetooth 5.0. And that helps with battery of the new chipset inside this headphone. It should be just as reliable in terms of connectivity as the previous model. The last one was very good in terms of very few dropouts. This one should be the same situation. Just to drill down into those battery like numbers a little bit more, This is rated at 7.5 hours of battery life at moderate volume levels. That's 50% better than the previous model, which was rated at five hours. You also get 20.5 hours from the case, that's supposed to give you 28 hours total. Just to be clear, these are not active noise-cancelling headphones, Jabber describes them as passive noise canceling. By that it means these are noise isolating you put the tips in your ear and they seal off your ears and you really do need that tight seal. The idea is again that the smaller size should help more people get a better fit. Nothing's changed with the controls. These still use physical buttons there's no touch controls. There are a few things that I can't show, Jabra is updating its companion after this, there are apparently new EQ settings that you like to tweak the sound. The previous model sounded very good, and these are, These are supposed to sound the same, but some new models have come out that probably sound a little bit better. You have Sennheiser out there that costs a little bit more and then you have the Sony WF 1000X Mark 3. Those are gonna sound a little bit better with a little bit better base a little bit better detail, but these still are gonna be a very good sounding true wireless headphones. Again 20% smaller, a little bit lighter near should fit better, smaller case, USB charging a little bit higher price tag. I do look forward to reviewing these when they do come out in October. But for now that is a first look at the Java elite 75 T. I'm David Carrannoy. Thanks for watching