[MUSIC] For years there's been this conspiracy theory that if you have Facebook on your phone, the social network is eavesdropping on your conversations to serve you better ads whether it's for a new smartphone Car or food. Facebook has repeatedly denied that it does this but CNET we decided to put this theory to the test. [MUSIC] Eight reporters in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago had a series of conversation. And the topics were really random. We talked about chainsaws, skydiving, and online mattress companies. We wanted to see if we could get Facebook to serve us ads that we normally wouldn't see before. [MUSIC] So if Facebook was listening to our phones, they probably found our conversations really dull or boring For the most part, we didn't see a change from the ads we saw before and after the task. So I didn't see any ads for skydiving or chain saws, but I did see one ad for Casper mattresses including a creepy one that said, No, your phone's not listening to you. But I only saw that ad after I did a google search. We're back pain after sleeping and clicked on a site that had a Facebook Share button at the bottom. That's probably how Facebook got that information and my colleagues didn't get the same ad. Our test wasn't exhaustive or scientific, and we couldn't find evidence that Facebook was eavesdropping on our conversation. An expert said that Facebook are targeting is so strong that they really doesn't need to listen in on us