Apple's truly next generation iPhone doesn't come out until November 3rd. iPhone Ten is one of three new phones. The iPhone Ten is the fanciest one with a new design that gets rid of the home button. It also has a brand new set of facial recognition cameras in front called true depth that replace touch ID with something called face ID. So now you're going to look at your phone, and it's gonna scan your face. And Apple says this is more secure and easier to use although you're going to have to learn a whole new gesture system. Now you're gonna swipe up to be able to get your apps or swipe down for control center. And to get Siri, you press the side button. All of Apple's new Iphones have A11 bionic processors which Apple says that are not only faster But are enhanced for augmented reality. And what that means is better tracking, depth sensing, and graphics processing all baked in. But what the iPhone X also adds is that front facing camera, and all of its associated bells and whistles. And there are apps that are going to take advantage of this. Anemoji is going to look at your facial muscle movements, and animated an emoji. Like poop or a unicorn. Snapchat has some new filters that take advantage of true depth too. But the question is are you gonna want to pay 999 for a phone that starts at 64 gigs of storage but goes up to 256 in higher models? The iPhone 8 is gonna be available September 22nd. And the iPhone X's extra features, which include that larger screen, that front facing camera array, and whether or not you wanna have Face ID. Camera improvements on the iPhone X include dual optical image stabilization cameras on the rear, and on the front you're gonna be able to add portrait mode to your selfies finally. That's the iPhone 10 in a nutshell, but it's a phone that's coming out a lot later than the iPhone 8, which is going to be available next week. We'll see whether or not the difference is going to be a difference for other people. Whether people want to wait, or whether they just want to get the 8 when it's available. I'm Scott Stein, here at Apple Park.