[MUSIC] Apple used to release one iPhone a year. So if you were shopping for an iPhone, you just got the new one. That's not the case anymore. Apple actually has a ton for iPhones for sale. And right now they are three new ones that are out pretty much at the same time. The eight, the eight plus and the ten. If you're looking for one, here's how to keep track of them, and decide which one to get. Know that a lot of the features are the same under the hood, but you're paying up for a lot of different bells and whistles. Kind of like buying a car. [BLANK_AUDIO] iPhone 8, budget choice or is it? The Iphone 8 is the basic model car, with the standard options no extra frills. But at 699 it's still not a low cost phone. The 8 has better system speed, and some improved camera quality over the Iphone 7, and it also works with a variety of wireless chargers like the 8 plus and 10 do. But it's older look isn't exciting Its a fine phone but a boring one, nice to hold but a smaller screen. Are you okay with that that? pick this. The eight gets you in the door on future puffins but is not the best choice. The iPhone 8 plus is the comfort pick for those who don't want change. Don't feel great about a new interface or face ID for your phone? Prefer fingerprint sensors and a home button? The 8 Plus saves a bit of money versus the iPhone 10, is still just as fast and has many of the best camera features intact. And the familiar rectangular screen of the iPhone 8 Plus is still the best for watching videos without the pillarbox compromises of the taller iPhone 10 display. Which does have that nudge too. Landscape mode on the A plus offers some extra features that the ten doesnt have either. Nail notes and some other apps put into use. Just understand, this could be the last big screen iPhone with the old home button design. If you like the old feel but want the best of what's new under the hood, dive right in. The iPhone 10 is the future phone. And it's also the super expensive phone. It's the best iPhone of the year, mainly because it introduces features that will be around in future iPhones and has the best size to screen ratio. It feels right. But you're paying a tax on the future. A longer edged edge screen is better, but not necessarily immediately noticable, for the casual apps, for many apps in store are now aftermath. Camera is the best, but the lower light improvements and extra port remote selfie features, may not be a worthy upgrade. It's battery life is good, 38 plus battery is better. 10 has a different way to swipe to things, that sometimes is great and other times feels like a lot of getting used to. And then there is Face ID. It works, but when it sometimes doesn't, it can make quickly unlocking the phone feel frustrating. Future iPhones will nail down the interface and improve Face ID. You could wait. Or if you're ready to show off and you have the money, go for it. It's got lot to love. If you want an iPhone or want to save some money, remember that Apple still selling 2015 to 2016 iPhones at better prices than ever. And if you want the most compact and affordable iPhone of all, definitely consider the iPhone SE. It's an older, smaller phone, but it only costs $350 dollars and works just fine. Just know that when it comes to the iPhone now, there isn't one definitive iPhone for everyone. Like a lot of Apple's products, it's a spectrum. You have to get used to that when shopping for an iPhone in 2017. Or wait, or pick something else. [MUSIC]