Apple EarPods are the most popular headphones in the world. And when iPhone 7 and 7+ were moving to connecting them to lightning. But why over lightning? Well, first, you may not remember, I certainly do, but from the start, we designed lightning to be a great digital audio connector. Among all the things it does it provides a video-audio stream, it provides power to your headphones or speakers, it provides content music control right within its digital connection. So we're taking the headphones in iPhones 7 and 7+ to lightning, and we're including them in the box with each device Now we know there are people in the world do have some analog, old connected devices out there. So we've also made this. It's an adapter. Lightening to mini-phono audio adapter. And we're gonna include that in the box with every iPhone 7 and 7 plus well. [APPLAUSE] Well our team at Apple has worked so hard To create something new that delivers on the opportunity of how good a wireless experience can be. And they worked hard to deal with the challenges that been left there and no one has taken on. So that is why today we are so excited to show you a new product from Apple called Apple AirPod. [APPLAUSE] How do you set them up? You simply put a pair of earplugs near your iPhone and open the case. The user interface pops up and says Connect. Then you tap Connect, and that's it. There's no step two, there's nothing else to do, you simply connect, and that one step also connects you with your Apple Watch. So you're automatically setup for both your iPhone and your Apple Watch and you can start listening and as you have playback on either device the earplugs automatically switch to whatever device you're using. In fact we also use iCloud to propagate that setup across your iPad and your Macs as well. So one step setup across all your devices. It's that easy. They're an incredible audio experience. Listen to beautiful music in stereo or if you want to use one just to talk to Siri or make a phone call it automatically routes the audio across whatever you choose to do. There's no buttons, there's no switching, there's no pairing, there's no unpairing Those things are of the past. And it all started with this brand new chip. The WI chip, Apple's first wireless chip. And there's so much technology packed into each AirPod. There's the chip, there's dual accelerometers, optical sensors, beam forming microphones, antennas, batteries. It is a technical tour de force in this minute little air pod. It delivers great battery life five hours each and there's a battery and a charger built into it's case so you can recharge directly from the battery in the case for up to 24 hours of listening then plug in lightning once you want to charge the case and the air pods together at once. And they're so small you wanna carry them around with you everywhere. Here they are along side our wired ear pods. They really are small and comfortable.