Apple's newest iPhone, well yeah, it looks a lot like the last iPhone and the one before it. What's going on here? Well, Apple seems to have settled in on a particular design. You might be annoyed or bored but the good news is this new phone is better in ways that are totally non-gimicky. The iPhone 7 is finally water resistant this time, IP 67. So if you end up in this or end up jumping into a bath or a pool you should be fine. I wouldn't go swimming with it and Apple definitely says don't put it in salt water and if you happen to get it wet dry it off for a few hours before charging it. [SOUND] Battery life is better at last. Not by a huge amount, but at least a couple hours over last year. The new processor, faster again. They usually feel the same out of the box, but it is faster on paper, and it could be great for gamers. The camera on the 7 is better, especially with low light photos, and the flash is improved, too. The front facing camera is also improved, again, for videos and photos. Good news for self streamers. See this? I recorded all my selfie videos on it. But if you wanna double down on cameras literally, that's when you get the larger iPhone 7 Plus for which offers Apple's first ever dual camera system with 2X optical zoom. But think of the iPhone as a hub. Smartphones connect with tons of things now. Smartwatches Smart homes, wireless headphones, the cloud, your computer, they're everything. And its hubs, you need to be more powerful and have better battery life and be more durable. The iPhone 7 does this for most cases, it's not anymore shadow proof and then new jet black color collect lots of scratches but these are pretty practical upgrades after all You know what's not practical? Losing a headphone jack. I tried using Apple's new AirPods, those crazy looking wireless earphones coming in October that you probably saw online. And, hey, they're really good, but I don't like using headphones I need to charge. And now I need to use a dongle to use regular wired headphones of my choice. Apple includes the dongle, nicely but you're out of luck if you lose it or you leave it at home. Other weird things, the new home button doesn't have actual click. Like the new Macbook track pads, they buzz with haptics. Apple calls it the taptic engine, it won't break but it takes getting used to. That could be a hint that the home button, sooner or later is going to disappear. [MUSIC]. In some ways, it already has. All signs point to Apple doing something big for the iPhone tenth anniversary which is next year in twenty seventeen. The iPhone seven its just shoring up some key improvements before then. You might want to just wait. This seven in a lot of ways is a perfect step up for anybody whose been waiting for an overdue phone. With that nifty head phone jack. Yeah, it's going to be really hard to swallow. [MUSIC]