[SOUND] There are only two ways you might recognize the iPhone 7 apart from the iPhone 6s. One is that the camera's a little larger, a little bit different looking. And if you slide it to the bottom Bottom no headphone jack. There are a couple of other things too, the interior are redesigned and a couple of new colors theme. And a lot with the iPhone 7 does is on the inside. First of all it is water resistant finally a water resistant iPhone, it should be able to drop in any amount of water for a short period of time. IT67 don't go swimming with it but maybe good dropping to the toilet. If you want it. It also got a new home button, so, you can't see this right now but if you click this is not actually clicking at all this is a solid tape so a lot of course section a crack head that you seen on the MacBook and if you press in you get a topic feedback that can be used for pressure centered of application. This also has a new processor, and it's not only faster, but it's more battery-efficient. So you should be looking at a few more hours of battery life, not just on the 7, but on the 7 Plus. So it should add a new mark for battery life, maybe also be a faster phone. And finally, that camera, if you wanna spend up to the 7 Plus, you're gonna get two 12-megapixel cameras that are gonna enable of depth of field and zoom and some extra camera tricks. This will still have the image signal processor and some of the other enhanced camera features that are on the 7 plus. So [UNKNOWN] improved photos and faster photos and more intelligently fixed photos that pull some of the best features together, so you'll get that. The iPhone 7 is coming out September 16th and it comes in up to 256 gigabytes of storage. You probably gotta be shooting a lot more photos and maybe a lot more video on this one. More to come from CNET at [INAUDIBLE] time.