Speaker 1: The iPhone 13 pro cameras. Aren't a huge revolution over the iPhone 12 pro max, but there are a few key tweaks. That's got a pro photographer like me, nice and excited here then has, what's got me popping. Speaker 1: I've used the iPhone 12 pro since it launched. And I've been frequently blown away by the quality of images that I can take with it. And that's especially true when I'm shooting in pro RO and editing my shots [00:00:30] in apps like Adobe Lightroom. So was very interested to hear that apple has made its main image, sensor even bigger. And given it a wider F 1.5, APER chat. Now those two things let in and capture more light. And as you might know, more light means better looking photos. And that telephoto zoom has been bumped from 2.5 to three times. Now I use a telephoto zoom on my iPhone a lot, particularly with landscape photography when I can zoom in to find those more interesting compositions [00:01:00] that might be lost. If I just shot everything with a super wide angle lens still, it's not a huge upgrade to that zoom range. Speaker 1: And I would have liked to have seen apple push the boats out even further, maybe competing with the amazing 10 times optical zoom that Samsung did with the S 21 ultra. Then there's a super wide lens, which also has a wide ache from much better night mode photos. That is welcome news as the 12 pro Maxus super wide lens was not all that sharp when it came to [00:01:30] low life shots. And that super wide lens also has a macro function allowing you to take shots up to two centimeters away from your subject. Now I love macro photography and I'm regularly spend hours crawling through the undergrowth, trying to find little things to take photos of. So I'm definitely really keen to see how the 13 pros camera compares to my actual macro setup. But it's the video skills that have been given possibly the biggest updates here. Speaker 1: Now I've shot hours of [00:02:00] video with my 12 pro max and I regularly you use it as my main vlogging tool for my own photography, YouTube channel. Now the 13 pros wider apertures and larger sensors will already go some way to increasing the quality of your video, but there are some other neat tricks, including the new cinematic mode, which should help add an extra professional touch to your video in cinematic mode, the camera will die dynamically, hold focus on a person's face as they move through the scene. If they then gaze away from the camera, [00:02:30] the focus will move as well. Exactly. As a pro focus, puller would shift the focus on a cinematic shoot, but that focus and depth data isn't baked into your video, you can actually go back and edit the amount of que around your subjects and where the focus is after you've shot the video. Speaker 1: I'm also super excited to hear the apple ProRes will come to the iPhone 13 pro later this year, photos of you not too familiar, apple ProRes is a video Kodak [00:03:00] that compresses the video file, but still retains excellent image and color data. And that allows for much better control when it comes to post processing. ProRes is frequently used on feature films and commercials, but it's the first time will have seen it on a phone. The 13 pro will be able to shoot 4k pro footage at 13 frames a second. And I honestly can't wait to see what sort of cinematic quality you'll be able to get from a phone. Am I keen to see if I can give my little weekend YouTube channel, a major [00:03:30] cinematic overhaul, right. I am. Of course, that brighter, faster display will help if you are shooting in sunny conditions, the max one terabyte storage will be great for storing all of that 4k pro res video. Speaker 1: And I guess that new a 15 bionic processor is the beating heart. That's allowing all of the capture of that high res video. So another welcome edition. So no, the 13 pro is not a revolution over the 12 pro max. And I suppose in way down [00:04:00] the bit disappointed not to have seen a bigger zoom, but the 12 pro max was already superb for photography. The 13 pro takes all of those elements that made it so great and gives each one a boost. It may not be worth the upgrade if you are running a 12 pro max already, but if you've got an older phone and you're looking for the ultimate in quality for images and video and the iPhone 13 pro may well be the phone for you, what do you think to Apple's new flagships? Am I right to be excited as a photographer or [00:04:30] should I be looking elsewhere? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to keep it CNET for a lot more.