[MUSIC] Windows 10 is supposed to bridge the gap between our touch-friendly tablets and the mouse and keyboard driven devices we've been using forever. And two features, Start menu and Continuum are gonna help us get there. The Windows 10 Start menu designed to fix many of the issues. Folks had with Windows 8. You can pin apps in the Start Menu, and you'll see the colorful animated live [UNKNOWN] that serve up useful information. But the list of apps running along the left side of the Start Menu are back too. You'll recognize these from Windows 7 or earlier. And most importantly, the Start Menu doesnt take up the entire screen anymore. If you have a Tune One device or using something with a touch screen then you'll appreciate continuum, Windows 10 will shift itself to fit the mold you're working in, pop the keyboard off the Surface tablet for example and Windows 10 interface will shift to make things a little more touch friendly. Apps will become full screen and the tab start will become a little less cluttered. Pop the keyboard back on and things will revert right back into play [MUSIC] So that was the first look at start menu and continue on Windows 10. I'm Nick [UNKNOWN] be sure to check out the rest of our Windows 10 coverage. Thanks for watching.