leave without touching on the games. And know I'm always pushing the boundaries of processor graphics. And so I have something really really special to show everyone but instead of me talking about it why don't you just take this for a spin. So this is a 7th gen powered Dell XPS and it's using processor graphics i5 ultra low voltage to play Billzards latest and greatest title. Overwatch, and as you can see it's playing really fricking well which is great. Awesome so [UNKNOWN] what do you think I mean it's really smooth. Go ahead and take a spin so everyone can just kind of see how smooth that is. And it looks like you've got your special ability. Why don't we go ahead and hit that. [SOUND] So he's a pro, we've been practicing a little bit so So, that's processor graphics on the new 710, it looks pretty good, right? That's- [CROSSTALK] Thanks a lot, Chris- Yep. It's a great example of what Kabby Lake and 710 can really do for us. Excellent, thanks Brian. [APPLAUSE]