Hello everyone. I'm Luke Westaway for CNET here at CES 2014. I am riding the In Motion SCV. It's coming to the US in just a few weeks. It's basically a much cheaper, slightly lighter Segway. So let's examine it more closely. So if you're familiar with the basic Segway concept, then you'll know exactly what this is. It's a vehicle. You hop on it and you lean around, lean forwards and back and to the sides to move around. I had a go in it. It's surprisingly intuitive. It feels exactly like riding a Segway to be honest. But this isn't just like a Segway. It's very light. It weighs 15 kilograms though-- I mean this is pretty heavy to lift, but you might be able to move it around a little bit more easily. It has a top speed of 15 kilometers per hour and the battery will supposedly last you for 20 kilometers worth of driving. One advantage it has over the Segway is you can do this! Ta-daa! Remove the steering column, so maybe you can try to fit this into the boot of a car, transport it around. That could be pretty useful. New with this model of the SCV is this rather nifty smart key. This lets you lock it remotely, change the functions as well, and also what's new is a smartphone app. Now that let's you remotely control the SCV. You can also set pre-determined route trip and using the GPS built into this thing, you can see where you've already gone. In Motion told me the one potential use about remote control functionality is you could strap a camera to the top of this thing and drive it around to get some cool motion shots. As I mentioned, it is coming to the US in a couple of weeks. It is not exactly cheap, it costs $2,500 but that is quite a lot more affordable than the Segway. So if you're desperate to own something like this, maybe it's worth considering. I'm Luke Westaway for CNET at CES 2014. Check out CES. CNET.com for more.