Here's a new twist on family game night, a giant touchscreen table with digital versions of board games. We're talking big name board games like monopoly and Scrabble. And you can play against anyone from anywhere online. This is the Infinity game table by arcade one up. And I have here an exclusive first look and an early prototype to let you see how it works. Excellent. So let's play. [MUSIC] I should start by making it clear that this game table is still in development. It was very cool of arcade. One up to let you spend a couple of days playing with a prototype with my family at home. But that means the graphics and effects that you see here are not final. Everything's still being tweaked. Now on the surface, it's a pretty simple concept. You make a giant tablet with legs. You're loaded up with a bunch of well known tabletop games, and gather around to play with your family just like you would with any board game. Except no pieces to set up. No cards to deal. No one has to be banker. You just dive right in. The Infinity Game Table found success on Kickstarter with more than $1 million pledged to bring it to life. And the first tables are coming out next month. The price starts at $600. It's about the same as a high-end iPad. Now there are two options for the screen. Screen size, there is a 32 inch screen and a 24 inch model, that's the one I tested. Or if you want to measure it another way, you could say it takes up roughly seven boxes of games. The table is sturdy, it's got some weight to it, you can take the legs off if you want. I used a power cord but there is an option for a battery pack, and there are also ports to expand gameplay in different ways. Hasbro worked with arcade one up to habits for games turned into digital versions for this system. There are titles for all ages, and the team took some creative approaches to reimagine how a game could play in a digital way. You may be wondering how do you play operation on a touchscreen. Well, they made it a finger maze with varying degrees of difficulty. Hit the edge and the table buzzes with a vibration, the sound of the patient's heartbeat picks up to give you more anxiety. different games will rumble the table for different reasons. If you're playing top ematic trouble, the tables gonna vibrate when you tap that bubble to roll your die. And the animation sends your pigs flying around the track. These animations are where the team can get really creative. The design of monopoly was well done. You're a little token hops around the dice. You roll could not go over the little houses or the other tokens on the board, but the best. Is when someone gets sent to jail. I think this was the fastest monopoly I ever played, because no one had to deal with banking or cards, it all just flowed. One of the great things about nostalgia of board games is, all of the tangible memories, the feel of the token pieces, the shuffling of the cards, the roll of the dice, with digital, you don't get any of that. [MUSIC] But of course if the graphics are just right, they could still bring back those memories, but digitally enhance the game and give you a way to play that you can get with a board game. A key feature is that you can play against people online, that is if you know someone else. That also has an infinity game table. I hopped into a game of battleship with the tables design director Jerry Cummins. [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] Already. ���> When you sink your opponent in battleship, you're gonna feel the explosion. Sink my battleship In some games with multiple players, like sorry, we could have connected with multiple tables if we wanted to. And if there's no time to finish, you can also save a game to pick it up later. Games will have various settings in case you want to change the house rules. Jerry said the team is considering all sorts of new gameplay ideas. Maybe you'll use special controllers in one game. Or another game could be switched to play a different themed version, like a star trek monopoly or a Disney trivia pursuit. Table so has a lot of potential. It really does, it's the first time that you can take a a board game When you play a board game face to face, but now it's digital, and you don't have to worry about any parts or anything and everything's taken care of all the rules are in there and all you got to do is launch it. Arcade one up is working on other titles, popular with board game fans, like the game ticket to ride or pandemic. This goes beyond Hasbro. The system is designed to be open for developers to create anything they want for the table. The unit I tested also had card games, as well as your. Basic classics like checkers and chess. Once I took it for a spin, I could see a few different paths that this system could take. Why not make a game of chess where you saw the pieces battle each other? Or maybe games can react differently, depending on how you touch the screen. When I played Candyland, I wondered what it would be like if my daughter saw her play. Players slog through the gooey licorice Lagoon, or could she get reactions if her finger bounced on the gumdrops? The prototype demo was not quite there yet. But the team says they want to keep updating these games over time. This table holds a lot of potential it really all comes down to, How game developers can think differently about playing games on this type of surface, whether it's people near or far, really all depends on what game developers can bring to the table. [MUSIC]