[MUSIC] The $199 Deadbolt 02 is the first product we've tested from the Singapore company, IglooHome, and it looks pretty sleek. Installation is simple, four double A batteries power the lock, and you can check battery status via the app. The double o two works via Bluetooth, making your phone a Bluetooth key. To unlock the door open the igloo app and tap the lock symbol. [SOUND] Physical keys are a nice back up option and two are included with the lock. Though you will need a sharp object to access the key hole beneath its plastic cover. You can also unlock the dead bolt with a pin via the touch screen. Screen keypad. From the Igloohome app you can create multiple users and assign individual PINs. You can also set pins to expire on a specific date for temporary visitors. Double 02 allows up to 285 PINs, once you reach that maximum, you'll need to clear your pin list in order In order to add new ones. An Airbnb connect feature, currently free and in beta testing, syncs your Airbnb schedule and auto generates a pin for each visitor. Once the beta testing is complete, this service will cost $5 per lock, per month. The biggest downside to this lock, is that you can't lock you're door via bluetooth. I found myself wishing I could lock the door with my phone the same way I unlock it. To lock the door, you can hold down the pound sign. [SOUND] Or, you can turn the physical knob on the inside. Or use Igloo homes auto-relock feature. With auto-relock, the deadbolt will lock 5 to 120 seconds after it unlocks. Available on Igloo homes website, Amazon, and other online retailers, this 190 $199 lock is sleek, stylish, and simple to use. If you're looking for a bluetooth lock with a keypad. Igloohome's Deadbolt 02 is a good option.