The motion that we are going to discuss for our first debate is that we should subsidize space exploration, project debater, lets hear your about speech>> Thank you. Allow me to respond to some of my opponent most recent claims. I think one of the claims made by Mr. Ovadia was that people should choose how to spend their money. I would like to offer a different view. People should spend their hard earned money as they please, but society has a duty to provide help to its people in need like the hard workers with low wages. As most people would not choose to support them, subsidies are necessary. Another point that I believe my opponent made was that there are more important things than space exploration to spend money on. It is very easy to say that there are more important things to spend money on. And I do not dispute this. No one is claiming that this is the only item on our expense list. But that is beside the point. I would like to talk about how space exploration would help the economy. I will then mention other issues which emphasize the positive aspects of space exploration. Space exploration would help the economy and national security. It is key to a vibrant economy. It will bring significant economic development, creating more jobs in an exploding industry that will include tourism, mining, and colonization. It is a long-term driver for innovation and strengthening international cooperation on an all-inclusive basis and creating new opportunities for addressing global challenges. The exploration of space brings economic and cultural benefits to the nation. Innovation and knowledge derived from space exploration directly contribute to economic growth and societal wellbeing. Space exploration in all its forms has unforeseen spinoffs that provide wide-reaching benefits through new technologies and new approaches to a range of challenges. Take an example from Dubai. Dubai Declaration asserts that space exploration is a long-term driver for innovation and for strengthening international cooperation Regarding a different issue peaceful nuclear powered space exploration is designed to reassure people about future nuclear weapons in orbit. Space exploration does help in making a nation technologically advanced. It has great benefits for the United States and the world. Having a space exploration program is a critical part of being a great power. Investing in space exploration will bring positive returns for the country. If I may put it a bit differently, subsidizing space exploration is like investing in really good tires. It may not be fun to spend the extra money, but ultimately you know both you and everyone else on the road will be better off. For all these reasons, I think the motion should stand we should subsidize space exploration their conclude my speech. Thanks for listening. I now invite [UNKNOWN] to hold speech everybody. >.Thank you very much, so I think that if you want to invest in tires, you should invest in tires. I think that there is income inequality happening in [UNKNOWN] states, there's education inequality. There is a planet which is slowly becoming uninhabitable if you look at the Flint water crisis, if you look at droughts that happen in California all the time. And if you want to To help, these are real problems that exist, that we need to help people who are currently not having all of their basic human rights fulfilled. These are things that the government should be investing money in and should probably ve investing more money in, because we see them being problems in our society that are hurting people. What I'm going to do in this speech is I'm going to continue talking about this criteria. Continue talking about why we're not meeting basic needs and why also the market itself is probably solving this problem already. Before that two points of a bottle to what we just heard from project [UNKNOWN]. So firstly We heard that this is technology that would end up benefiting society. But we're not sure, or we haven't yet heard evidence that shows us why it would benefit all of society, perhaps some parts of society. Maybe upper-middle class or upper class citizens could benefit from these inspiring Research could benefit from the technological innovations. But most of society, people who are currently in the United States, have resource scarcity. People who are hungry, people who do not have access to good education, aren't really held by this. So we think that a government subsidy should go to something that helps everyone, particularly weaker classes in society.