Speaker 1: Here at MWC, we've seen AI in all kinds of things from cars to phones, but you are not showing us eyes of those things. You are showing us a pin, so Speaker 2: What's that about? Yeah, something totally new. We are here at MWC, our company Humane, to show off the humane AI pin, which is a new kind of computer that essentially allows you to bring AI with you everywhere and have an AI expert or [00:00:30] AI assistant with you all the time. Speaker 1: So this is what you are wearing here. So sensibly it's a square with a touch pad, is that right? So how does this work then? Speaker 2: Yeah, so it is a computer that you interact with primarily through your voice, but you can also use touch on the touchpad or gestures. And the whole idea is that it allows you to stay connected. So it is a phone and have an AI expert and assistant with you, but also remain present. And that's something that's really important about it is that we want to live more [00:01:00] in the moment. Speaker 1: So what sorts of things actually can it do? Speaker 2: Yeah, so the first thing is that it can be an expert that is really helpful. So let's take today as an example, if I'm out and about and I want to know how much is 50 euros in US dollars? Speaker 3: Converting euros to USD 50 euros is equivalent to $54 and 26 cents in US dollars. Cool. Speaker 1: [00:01:30] Helpful? Speaker 2: Yeah, so essentially as soon as you think of something, you can ask it, but you also, I'm here in Barcelona and I want to be able to communicate with everyone. So I could say something like translate to kalan and now I can Speaker 3: Catalan Speaker 2: Speak to everyone around me. What are some great coffee shops nearby? And now it can help [00:02:00] me speak over 50 languages, both speak and understand. So if someone comes up to me and maybe is speaking in a different language, it can help me translate. Speaker 1: Would it necessarily recognize the language and be able to do that? Wow, that's amazing. It Speaker 2: Actually automatically updates. So if I landed in Tokyo, it would know that I was in Tokyo and set the default language to Japanese. But if someone k came up to me and started speaking Spanish, it would be able to detect that they're speaking Spanish and speak to me in Speaker 1: English. We've missed out on a key feature of this. I believe that this has got lasers built [00:02:30] into it and that is a big part of the function. So what's that about? Speaker 2: So we have a first of its kind laser display that we call laser ink. And this is something that's really critical because there are moments where you might not want to speak to it or you might not be in a position to speak to it or maybe you're in a really crowded environment where it's very, very loud and while it can hear you perfectly, you might not be able to hear the answers. And so in those moments you need a display very quick and [00:03:00] one that's AI driven. So our laser projector is basically a display that's there when you need it and disappears when you don't. And so it projects on the palm of your hand. We use our time of flight camera, which is another kind of camera that's in the device to sense when your palm is present. When your palm is present, the laser will display. When you put your palm down, it disappears and you navigate the display using gesture. And this for us is really critical to make a completely multimodal system and you can move [00:03:30] seamlessly between them. You can start it query with your voice, raise your hand, and finish it on this way Speaker 1: To automatically detect your hand is up. Now you want it in a text form rather than a speech. So what would you see on your hand there? If you've just asked it your question before about currency conversions, it's going to be the answer onto your hand. Speaker 2: So let's use one example. So if I say translate to Japanese, Speaker 3: Set to Japanese, Speaker 2: It's very [00:04:00] nice to meet you. And now when I raise my hand, you're going to see I have to have a look, yes, that it'll display the Japanese on my hand Speaker 1: And it's so clear even under these bright lights. Speaker 2: So now this works for anything. So if you are asking a question and let's say the answer might be a little bit long and you just want to read it, put your hand up, it'll interrupt and now show you on display [00:04:30] so it knows. Stop speaking, start displaying, Speaker 1: Right? So is this a standalone device? Is this paired to your phone? How's this working? Yeah, Speaker 2: It's totally standalone. You don't need a phone to have an AI pin. It has its own phone number. So you can also make phone calls to send messages and it's really powerful too because it uses AI to craft your messages for you. So instead of you having to write it or dictate it, all you have to say is send a message to this person and say something like this, make it funny or make [00:05:00] it sound like Shakespeare. You could do fun things as well. And it'll summarizes your messages too. So if you have a ton of incoming messages and you have a couple minutes to get caught up, we can ask it to catch you up and it will give you a summary of all the messages you Speaker 1: Missed. So this is going on sale in the US first, is that right? Speaker 2: Yes. It's on sale now in the US only to start. So it's 6 99 with a subscription service that's $24 a month and that includes your network connection through our network called the Humane Network. You [00:05:30] also get unlimited talk text and data. You get all of your storage so it takes photos and videos as well. You can capture memories and moments without having to live your life through a screen, which is really important. You can store all of those and you can also ask it an unlimited number of queries. So as much usage of the AI assistant as you want. Speaker 1: So then what is next for the pin? Speaker 2: So for us it's about bringing more and more features to your pin. So the power of our software platform is that you're going to wake up and your pin's going to do something new. And [00:06:00] that's really important because it's just going to get better over time as you teach at things. As we roll out new services, this is the beginning of a really fun journey. We're also here at Mobile World Congress to meet more players in the international space and bring AI pin to more places, which we're really excited about, Speaker 1: But it's on sale now in the us. Where would you get it from? Speaker 2: So you buy it directly from us at humane. humane.com is where you can find it. Speaker 1: That's great. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you so much. And make sure to keep it seen it.com for a lot more.