Lastly, Huawei is full head on its own operating system called HongMeng OS, it's supposed to be an alternative to Google's Android and Huawei made a patent to use this made OS if the US ban preventing them from using Google's OS sticks. So, I don't know, going in on your own operating system, that's. I like competition but the problem is, is that this is already a very mature market. Android already has, what is it, 80% of the market? Whereas iOS has somewhere around 20% and there really isn't a third alternative. Right. If anybody could come up with another alternative, maybe it would be Huawei because they are the number two mobile player. Yep. But I'm still very skeptical that they're gonna be able to do something like that. Yeah, even Huawei's founder basically said like, our operating system runs, he claims it runs 60% faster, which is nice except There is no apps on it then well how useful was this. As soon as we saw before with BlackBerry and Windows phone they are all dead now so. They might not have a choice though if the Trump administration keeps jumping in and saying hi you're not allowed to use this technologies then. This might be the alternative that they're going to be forced to do. All right for more of these stories you can subscribe, I'm Roger Cheng. I'm Ben Fox Rubin. I'm Dara Singh. Thanks for listening. [MUSIC]