[MUSIC] Are two cameras better than one? Huawei certainly thinks so. We're taking a look at it's latest flagship, the P9. Lets talk a little bit about those two cameras and what they can do for you. So Huawei says that you'll get more light by using two censors, 200%. More like the company says. Those cameras themselves both have a 12 megapixels sensor. One is an RGB sensor while the other handles monochrome. What's really interesting I think about using two cameras is that it gives the phone a lot more information about the distance Between you and the thing you're taking photos of. So why is that useful? Well, it lets you play around with things like this wide aperture mode. Now what this does is it figures out what's far away and what's in the foreground and it adds a little bit of extra blur to the things in the background which just gives your photo that nice Instagramy look. I've had a lot of fun with this. I like that you can change the focus points afterwards [MUSIC] And it's got some cool futures, as well. For example, this one, which makes everything that's in the background of your photo black and white. Apart from having fun with shallow depth of field, this phone has some weird selfie features as well, including this one which lets you tailor all of the enhancements that you like your selfies to feature. And then it'll apply those defaults to every selfie. That you take. You do have to be careful though or you can end up with slightly scary looking photos like this one. Moving on from the camera features, this phone has the same aluminum body as it's predecessor. it's got a 5.2 inch display that's slightly bigger with 10 atp resolution. It charges using USB type c. And it's supports a micro SD card up to 100 128 gigabytes which would be plenty of space. Then around on the back there is a fingerprint sensor. Underneath that fingerprint sensor looking inside the phone is an octacore processor clocked at 2.5 gigahertz backed up by 3 gigabytes of RAM. If you fancy something a little bit bigger then, well, Huawei has you covered with the P9 Plus. Now, this phone is essentially the same, but it does have a few key differences. It's bigger, of course. It's a 5.5 inch display. It's got a larger battery. It's got 4 gigabytes of RAM, and while the cameras are the same, the front facing camera has auto focus. Both these phones should be out very soon so stay tuned for the full review. [SOUND].