[MUSIC] We all knew that MWC would be about foldable phones and 5G. And with the Mate X, Huawei brings them both together in one device. This is a bold move for Huawei which is trying to take on Samsung Galaxy's Fold. A $2000 phone that comes with either a 5G or a 4G connection. [MUSIC] Huawei says that you'll mostly use this device closed, opening it up only when you want to expand your view. When it's folded closed, the Mate X has a 6.6 inch screen. It doesn't fold in half perfectly down the middle. One side is actually a little shorter than the other. There's a reason for this. Flip it over to the back and you'll see a slightly smaller six point four inch display, and a side panel with four cameras. Unfolded, the phone opens into an eight inch edge to edge LED display with no notches. But you will notice a thick looking handle that curves out in what Huawei is calling a falcon wing design. You could hold it one handed from here, and use your other hand to navigate around. Its potentially convenience, but we haven't held it yet. Fold the phone close again and the shorter side also nestles into the handle to give it a fairly flat look. That's something a lot of other foldable phones don't have. [MUSIC] If you're worried about breakage, Huawei has made a case that will cover the sides and back of the phone while its in its folded form. But it will leave the main 6.6 inch screen open for you to use. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Look closely and you might be able to see that the frame is blue and not black. There is a fingerprint reader integrated into the power button, and two batteries inside, one on each side. This will give you a total of 4,500 mill amp hours. When you're running low, the main x is supposed to be able to get from zero battery to 85 percent in just 30 minutes. [MUSIC] Now, as I mentioned, the Mate X is 5G. And Huawei is especially proud of this fact because it's using the brand's house made Kirin 980 processor, and Balong 5000 5G modem chip. It's designed to download content four times faster than the current 4G connection. So about 1 Gigabyte in 3 seconds, or theoretically the movie Roma on Netflix in just about 2 seconds. [MUSIC] As with the Galaxy Fold, the wall way made Axe promises tons of productivity with the split screen mode. And when you take selfies through like the cameras, you'll also be able to preview what you look like from the screen that's facing your direction. [MUSIC] There's still a lot we don't know about the made X but we do know that by embracing the two biggest trends of the year, this 5G foldable phone is bringing everything it's got to the table.