We're here at the HTC Vibe booth at CES and I'm here to show you the HTC Vive Eye Pro. Now, if you are used to using controllers for your VR headset, forget about it. You don't need them anymore. This has got eye tracking so you can just look across the screen and you'll be able to navigate and select options in menus All just by using your eyes. It's a super cool concept and we just had to play around on the Major League Baseball game that lets you hit home runs. Pro tip, I'm not that great. What we've got inside around the lenses there are these small senses that can actually detect where your eyes are moving. And using processing, we will actually create a really sharp image. For the pixels close to the center of your gaze, but around the peripheral vision where you don't really need such a crash hot picture. They need less rendering for that. So the folks at HTC say that it actually requires a little less processing power, because you're not creating a perfect image across the entire screen. You're just focusing the attention and energy where you're actually looking. It's also really handy when you're playing in VR and you don't want to have to fumble around with controllers. It's really nifty, because you just look around the screen. It feels quite natural. So when you're selecting through a menu or maybe you're looking where you want to go in a particular VR experience, all you need to do is look. I tested it out on the baseball game. Yeah, not so great on hitting home runs. But I do see the massive potential for getting rid of the controllers and just doing everything with your eyes. I'm Claire Reilly for Scene It, and where we're gong we don't need our hands. [MUSIC]