[MUSIC] The 2017 model of the HP Spectre X360 15. The company's general purpose premium convertible laptop doesn't get a complete design overhaul like the 2016 model did. But, the companies streamlined design, concentrating on the premium aspect of it. And, of course, brought it's insides up to date. [MUSIC] The X 360 nails it as a jack of all trades. It performs well and silently for its class. About the same as the rest of the Spectre line. Movies and TV look really nice and the [UNKNOWN] certified audio system sounds full bodied with good surround. The keyboard lets me pound on it and the glass trackpad feels big and comfy And it 360s pretty well, with sufficient tension in the hinge to prop it up in the gymnastic fashion of a hybrid. This year's model only comes in the swankier brown and copper version, and only a 4K UHD display. Like everyone, HP has reduced the bevel width, and that allows the company to shave about 20 millimeters off the systems. Keyboard was also redesigned, with square keys and less of a well around it. I think it looks a lot classier. It has a bigger, more powerful battery to keep the 4K display from killing it, and it lasted almost ten hours on our streaming video test, significantly better than the previous model. But that also makes it a little thicker and heavier. This one tips the scales at just under 4.5 pounds. [MUSIC] It��s not over burdened with ports, but it has an HDMI connection and two USBC. Plus a full size USB, because all your old accessories. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]